Hey, I Know that Guy!

by Joe Mescher on July 29, 2009

ed-swiderski-bacheloretteLadies and Gentlemen, meet Ed Swiderski, winner of The Bachelorette competition on ABC. Why the heck am I writing about a TV show I’ve never seen before?

Because I know the guy.

No, we’re not ‘close personal friends’, but we are both a couple of Michigan State grads who wound up in Chicago after college to work in the tech industry.

We’ve mostly shared insights into the movement of corporate technology systems and become Facebook friends. Imagine my surprise after being out of touch for about a year to learn ‘Chicago Ed’ is a Reality TV Star.

What’s going to happen to Ed?

Will he head back to his tech job?

Start a TV career?

You’ve got to admit it’s strange how pop culture + social media (Google Trends and Blogs) can change a persons life trajectory forever. I know this is a ‘light’ post topic, but it does make me think about the cause and effect relationship between television, trends, personal brands, and the good ol’ Interwebs…

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Joe Mescher is a behavioral advertising professional and Digital Marketing Evangelist, a Michigan State Spartan and half of the team responsible for a set of fraternal twins born October 11, 2012. He lives in Burlington, VT.

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