Scaring Yourself Silly = WIN

by Joe Mescher on July 6, 2009

“What scares you the most?” is the question one of my college professors asked a class full of business students on a sunny spring morning. “Besides not getting a 4.0 in this class?,” I thought.

The story he then shared with us changed my life forever.

He told us about the first time he went skydiving, and the first time he rode a motorcycle from Minnesota to Michigan. None of us sitting there in class were sure what the point of the story was until our professor told us how important it is to “Do what scares you”. Here’s a video of me tackling an old fear of mine (the fear of heights):

Attempting to conquer the things that scare you makes you tougher. Once the fear is gone you’re free to tackle something new, and the cycle repeats itself again and again.

This is what facing my fears does for me:

  • Makes me Feel Like a Champion
  • Inspires me to Conquer New Missions
  • Provides me the ‘Street Cred’ to push others to Chase their Fears

Pop quiz, hotshot: What scares you the most, and what are you going to do about it Today? Consider this a ‘Special Mission Challenge‘ from the Commando.

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